If your name is Sara…

And you don’t want to spoil your surprise… which I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen part of anyway… then you should look away now!  :teehee: and :giggle:

These sox honestly gave me fits.  I started them waaaaaaay back in MAY! They went to baseball games with me.  I think they accompanied me on one Tower stay this summer.  The first time around, I started with the wrong needle size and got about 3″ or so in before I realized that they were entirely too narrow to fit a grown-up foot.  Grudgingly, I ripped them out and started again with a larger needle and the larger size option just to be sure (I know, I know, swatching blah blah but I couldn’t be bothered this time).  Knit it all the way down, turned the heel, continued on along the foot, and somehow it was the victim of a Major Incident.  Sadly, the needles slipped right out of the loops and despite my desperate attempts to reinsert them? It was not to be.  Sock #1 laughed at my folly.  So many hours, just down the drain.  For naught.  I tried and tried to get those little suckers back on their needles, but they just would. not. go.  I finally gave up, laid that sock aside, and put the entire project in time out for… a long while.

Then, a Sara came to visit me during a particularly horrid Tower stay and she even braved spiders which she is more afraid of than I am, apparently, because she seriously considered getting a hotel room until she discovered that I really *do* live in flyover country where the nearest hotel is a good 20 minute drive from my apartment.  And then she insisted on sleeping on my 9 year old’s top bunk, because the giganta-spiders that I get here only hunt at night on the floor.  Bless her heart, she’s so precious.  At any rate, her dedication to my well-being and her willingness to confront even her deepest fears on my behalf inspired me to retrieve the project from its time out bag after she left.  I cast on sock #2.

I soon realized that I made the same mistake that I’d made with sock 1, and had cast on with too-small needles.  Either this yarn or this pattern must knit up smaller/tighter than my norm, because I had to go up substantially in needle size compared to what I normally use.  I finally cast on again with the correct needles, and I’d like to say it’s been smooth sailing since then.


Somewhere after turning the heel (sock #2, which is kind of now sock #1) I made a boo-boo in lining things up and so the diagonals are a bit off.  Normally I would rip back and reknit, because it would drive me insane, but I decided that I could live with it on this sock.  I tried once more to get sock #1 (now sock #2) back on the needles, but alas, it was not to be.  I had to start from the beginning again, but at least I had the right size needles this time.  The final sock was pretty quick going, since I’d knit this sucker about 809809 times now, and the issues that had plagued me did not surface during this particular round.  Thank goodness.

I would also like to note that all this issues were in no way, shape, or form related to the pattern author, Cookie A.  The pattern is impeccably written, as are all of her patterns that I’ve had the good luck to stumble across or the wherewithal to seek out.   This was all me, I’m afraid.  Lack of reading comprehension?  Too many narcotics that day? The baseball game was too exciting and I lost my place? Probably some combo of all of the above and then some.

This pattern is Pointelle, and came from the Knit. Sock. Love. book by Cookie A.  The yarn is so wonderful and smooshy and soft and and and… it’s the first time I’ve used it so I have no idea honestly how well it will hold up as a sock, but I guess there’s only one way to find out! The yarn is Mini Mochi from Crystal Palace Yarns, and it says 80% merino and 20% nylon on the tag so it should be good.

Mini Mochi all balled up


And the finished product:

Pointelle in Mini Mochi

Next up, I’m doing a KAL with a Facebook group of a Wendy Johnson pattern that I’ve done a few times before.  It’s going quickly and I almost got from toe to heel in one sock overnight.  This is good, however, as I have a ton of projects in the works and need to get these fingers in gear for the upcoming holidays!  :panic:




Slack be Gone 2

I received a lovely couple of photos of StellaSox in action. I was particularly pleased that they included a family pet who, although she was not impressed with the sox… well, I’ll just let you see for yourself. The sox are from a few weeks ago, Slack be Gone.





If you know me at all, you must know how much these photos thrilled me.  Turtles *and* Stellasox?  All in one shot?  WOOOOHOOOO! 😀



Hex the Bex

Finally! I started this pair waaaaay back at the beginning of summer, and took them along to many a summer baseball game or practice.  They were a great distraction.  Somewhere along the way, I had a vacation that included some inability to concentrate on such intricate patterns, combined with the shakiness that goes along with high doses of prednisone, and I decided that these had to be put aside for stabler days.  I’m happy to report that the past few days have been stable, and I’ve been working on them hard core, and finally (FINALLY) it has paid off.  They’re done!



Bex in all their glory

Some well earned close ups of various cables or toes or heels or something:


Cable close up


Beautiful Cabling

This was some quite intense and intricate cabling, and every single row has at least one section of cabling.  It goes a lot faster if one is able to cable without a cabling needle, but I was not so comfortable with that and pretty much used a cabling needle for every single cable.  Time consuming, but the end result is gorgeous I have to say.

The yarn is from Sunrise Fiber Co., and is her classic sock in colorway Irish Car Bomb.  I actually ran out at the toe of the second sock, but was able to use some leftover Three Irish Girls in a colorway that I don’t recall the name of, but they were so close that I don’t think anyone will be able to tell where one ends and the other begins.  The green is the reason I needed to finish this pair, as I have promised a small someone a knit frog, and he is not the sort of small someone who will easily forget that I owe him this frog.  The main body of the frog is to be green, and I thought this might be a perfect green for that project.  I think I have just enough of the Three Irish Girls green remaining to whip up a small frog.  With a rainbow tummy.  And a crown.

But I digress.  The pattern here is kind of infamous among sock knitters.  Many have tried and failed.  And success is something to be quite proud of.  I think I can safely say that mine pass muster and fall in the “successful” category, although they did take me much longer than a typical pair of sox.  They are not for beginning sock knitters, of this I am quite certain!  The pattern is called Bex, and is available in Cookie A.’s book Sock Innovation: Knitting Techniques and Patterns for One-of-a-Kind Socks.  I highly recommend this book for any and all sock knitters, it is chock full of excellent and awesome patterns and designs, and tips for designing your own socks if that is what one desires.  I have her other book as well – Knit. Sock. Love. – but I keep forgetting that I have it because I own it in e-form.  Guess I’m still getting used to technology.

So, three cheers for me, for finishing my Bex! And now I’m off to work on some other WIPs and see if I can finish anything else in the near future.

Rainbows in progress

I’m doing this pair toe up and 2aaT so that I can turn them into knee sox and just keep knitting until I run out of yarn.  I split the skein into 2 kind of equal balls before I started knitting, so ideally both balls will run out at the same time.  These are for a dear friend, and if she’s lucky she just might receive them at my birthday party. 🙂

Anyway, in progress pic:

DSC_0132Some closer shots:

Closer to the Rainbow

Closer to the Rainbow


I don’t typically love doing 2AAT sox if only because it feels like it takes much longer than usual.  However, I run exactly zero risk of second sock syndrome doing it this way, so that is a plus!  And honestly I think it takes about the same amount of time, it just *feels* much longer.

This yarn is another from Three Irish Girls (although you can no longer buy direct from their website, I’ll still link there for the colorway names) – this one is Everlasting Gobstopper.  The pattern was meant to be SunshineSox, but has been modified oh-so-slightly (okay quite a bit) to suit my needs.  My dearest friend chose the pattern herself after searching half the night for just the right one, so I hope she is not too terribly upset by my modifications.

I’ll post an updated pic when I get them all finished!

Super Prize Sox, Round 2

I have yet to actually mail the first pair of sox that I completed for the SuperScavengerHunt prizes, but hey, small steps right?  I can now add pair number two to the completed pile, and move on to the next project!  This pair was kind of serendipitous; I’d stopped that very day on my way home from a doctor’s appointment at my closest yarn shop, and had picked up this skein of locally spun and dyed sock yarn that just called to me.  Of course it had purple in it, because all my favorite things have purple in them apparently, but the purple was complemented by lime green and turquoise and not my usual kind of thing.  It was also available with complementing mini-skeins in any of the three main colors – lime green, turquoise, or purple – and I happened to choose the turquoise this time (after serious contemplation and handing of the purple I must confess).

Well, imagine my happy happy joy joy when I checked my inbox that evening and the pics that my prize recipient had sent to indicate her color preferences?  Nearly matched my new treasure exactly!  I quickly sent her off a photo of my newest addition, and she agreed that it was fate and those were to be her prize sox.  As such, I got busy finding a pattern to suit the colors.  I wanted something that would highlight the sharp color changes, without having a busy pattern to take interest away from the yarn.  Any intricate cabling or lace would be lost in the color changes, and it would be very sad and a complete waste of my time to try to force the yarn into a pattern it did not like.  I decided on the Laffy Taffy pattern with a slight adjustment; I did the toes, heels, and cuffs in the complementing mini-skein color to really make the body of the pattern with its color shifts pop.  I also converted it to toe-up, as that’s still my favorite method of sock construction, and I didn’t even check to see what kind of heel the pattern itself called for.  Mine is a short-row heel, wrapped and turned.

Prize Sox 2

And here’s a close up of the heel so as to see the details:

Prized Heels

The pattern is actually a slightly modified version of Anne Campbell’s Taffy Socks, which is available at the link for free!  The yarn I picked up from Von Strohm Studio, which is kind of local to me.

Now if only I could convince myself to get these things in the mail I would be doing GREAT! 


I’ve been such a slacker in the sox department lately.  I wrote a while back that I’d lost my mojo, but I think I’ve finally gotten it back.  I’ve been busily working on some prizes that I offered up as part of a photo scavenger hunt that was so very entertaining while I was laid up with that stupid summer pneumonia.  The first pair is all finished, and the second is well on its way.

First up, pattern and yarn both selected by the intended recipient, and I happened to have both on hand.  What are the odds!?  She chose a Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock (which I have my own personal stash of, shhhhhh!) in Lucerne:


The pattern, Om Shanti Bed Socks by Alice Yu, highlights the color gradients rather splendidly, and I could not have chosen a better pattern/colorway combination myself.  The link above is to the ravelry page, but the pattern can be found in the collection Socktapus (which I highly recommend).  I’ve knit up several pairs from the Socktapus book now, and have found them all to be quite interesting and well-written.  Not to mention beautiful and fun!  At any rate, the finished socks, minus the braid on the cuff because I was not next to my copy of the book when I got to that part on Sock 1 and did not want to wait until I got home and somehow did not scan that part into my knit companion app.


Om Shanti Bed Socks

And a close-up to showcase the detail of the pattern and the heel:

Yup, still sox

Upon Closer Examination…

That’s it for the moment!  Pair 2 for the scavenger hunt giveaway will be finished within the next few days, assuming that my travel allows for it.  Hope you enjoy!



All the way down!

Turtles are kind of my thing, and I suppose that started in grad school.  Damn David (committee chair) and his need to make me read all things Geertz under the sun, and the myth that the world is supported on the back of the turtle.  Ah, but what is the turtle standing upon?  After that, it’s turtles all the way down!  It was kind of an inside joke between a fellow torturee (Leo) and we would often answer “Turtles all the way down” to any philosophical riddle we could not muster the intellectual fortitude to solve.

Then I finished, and life went on, and I kept the turtle there and laughed about turtles all the way down, but no one really gets the metaphor if you’re not in grad school (or around people who are!)  But I got sick, and the turtle represents longevity because hey, did you know those fuckers live forever?  And the idea of longevity when you’re facing a terminal diagnosis is somehow comforting.  The turtle has been here long before me, and will be here long after I’m gone.  Supporting the flat earth on its back.

Anyway, I’ve been sick and although I’ve been working on some sox, they’re not ready for showing yet.  Just got out of another inpatient stay yesterday, and returned home and knit up this little fellah.  Don’t know where he’s going yet, but I sure do like him!